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Virtua Brands is transforming the way brands reach and engage with their audience. Virtua Brands defines your brand vision and strategic marketing goals. Offering competitive intelligence that accelerates brand growth. Identify and target the digital marketing mediums that matter most to your audience. Create a symbiotic relationship between all virtual & digital mediums to maximize your ROI and define your marketing ecosystem.

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Chief Executive Officer

Michael Boy

As Chief Executive Officer, Michael is the brain behind our overall success for our clients. His experience, drive, and knowledge of the industry provide the guiding posts of success for our clients. In his spare time, Michael can be found watching Man United, drinking Starbucks, and spending time with his son, Parker, and two beagles, Biggie and Henry.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Frankie Pucci

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Frankie is our token social media guru. Her attention to detail and love for aesthetics help execute the artistic and strategic vision behind how our clients are represented online. Outside of work, Frankie loves reading, painting, all things spiritual, and, of course, cats.

Digital Marketing Intern

Savannah Traub

Savannah is currently a junior at the University of Florida, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Computer and Information Science and Engineering. She has enjoyed taking an overlap of classes in both of these subject areas, and would love to pursue a career that integrates both technical skills and creativity. While not working, Savannah can be found spending time with her family and friends, or taking in the sun and enjoying the outdoors. Savannah looks forward to sharing her passion, creativity, and perseverance in the future of technology.

Digital Marketing Intern

Jessie Hodgens

Jessie has a burning desire to become well versed in the marketing industry. This desire and dedication is evident through her utmost hard work and dedication. When not working, Jessie is on the hunt for the next concert to attend or enjoying a leisurely day at the beach. She’s also absolutely obsessed with Sir Harry Styles.

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