8 of The Best Marketing Channels for 2022

If you’re looking for a killer year, you’ve got to try these eight marketing channels

8: Public Relations: PR efforts can quickly and cost-effectively announce new product launches, new employee hires and company milestones. Written and disseminated correctly, PR catches a lot of eyeballs.

7: Paid Advertising: When properly executed, paid ads to highly targeted audiences, those with a high probability of conversions, remains a top channel for 2022 and beyond. But don’t simply use the shotgun approach, or you’ll lose your shirt.

6: Email Marketing: Email is still the top channel for reaching both new and current customers. Properly targeted email list rentals have shown an average ROI of 36:1. Offers to internal lists or CRMs can be even better. But it’s all about messaging.

5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A well-executed SEO plan is a crucial component to any successful website, especially websites that sell direct to consumers. While the effort and time involved in getting good SERPs can be overwhelming, the ROI is outstanding.

4: Social Media Marketing: With over 70% of US adult consumers using at least one social media platform, and the granular data available on them, social media is quickly becoming a top performing channel for marketers in every niche.

3: Video: If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth ten thousand. Well crafted video messaging catches eyeballs and turns looky-loos into buyers. With mobile devices in almost everyone’s hands, video is key to 2022.

2: Content Marketing: By creating and sharing valuable, enlightening content with your target audience, you’ll attract far more qualified leads, and generate better sales. The key with content is simple: write better than your competition does.

1: Advertorial Marketing: Modern advertorial combines the tenants of SEO with the value of content marketing. Properly written, advertorial will not only offer readers valuable and insightful information, with great SERP, but drives sales directly from the “articles.”

Curious about how the #1 marketing channel for 2022 works?

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