The 7 Best Strategies for Mobile Video Ads in 2023

Over 50% of online transactions are performed on mobile. Moreover, in B2B marketing, 70% of companies utilize videos to connect with their audiences. These numbers only show how important mobile video ads are in promoting the growth of your business. Want to step up your digital marketing game and boost your branding? Check out the following to learn some of the best strategies for mobile ads and how to maximize their benefits.

Make Your Videos Short

Short-form videos belong to the top content marketing trends that you’ll have to embrace in 2023. In some platforms for mobile ads, like Instagram, up to 120-second videos are allowed. Meanwhile, Facebook’s Feed, Messenger, and Marketplace support videos with a maximum length of 240 minutes. However, as a general rule, keep your video ads short.

For Facebook, 15-second mobile video ads or less are recommended. With this length of mobile ads, you can expect social media users to finish your video. Some video ads are even 6 seconds short and are suitable for in-stream placements and Stories. Hence, if you’re using videos that were not initially meant for mobile video ads, make sure to edit them as shorter versions. This way, you can attract a larger audience.

Quickly Grab Audience Attention

According to the research that Meta and Nielsen conducted, up to 47% of a video ad value is achieved in the first three seconds. Furthermore, 74% of the video campaign value is created in the first 10 seconds. This means that you should catch your audience’s attention within the first three seconds. Present the most compelling part of your video ads within those crucial three seconds, so you can relay your message and increase your chances for conversions.

Highlight Your Brand Message or Product Early

Similar to capturing your audience’s attention right at the beginning, you should also showcase your product or brand message early on. Doing so will let potential customers not only learn about you, but also remember your brand and products.

In old TV campaigns, logos and brand names were usually highlighted at the end of the video. You should do the opposite in modern video ads to instantly build a connection with consumers. Nowadays, you can often skip past ads, so it’s important to grab attention immediately.

By efficiently increasing brand awareness, you can gain customers’ confidence in your products and services. Thus, it becomes easier to get the ROI from your campaign.

As your brand growth accelerator, Virtua Brands makes sure you’re targeting the right digital marketing mediums that your audience values the most, at the most cost effective and highest-converting rates. With our proven, personalized, and forward-thinking strategies, you can reach new heights in your brand.

Provide a Sound-Off Option

Among consumers, 92% watch videos without sound. Moreover, 50% of them consider captions important, especially since they view the videos with the sound off. These figures suggest the need for agencies to offer a sound-off option when creating mobile video ads. This way, you can accommodate their needs, especially when your audience is in public places or simply prefer silent viewing. Use clear and simple text with a legible font, and attractive graphics too.

Utilize Vertical and Square Formats

Did you know that 94% of the time, people hold their mobile devices vertically? So, if you want to reach a larger audience, use the correct formatting; keep your video ads in portrait and square formats. For example, 4:5 vertical video ads are suitable for Instagram and Facebook.

Use Specific Calls to Action

Businesses know how important calls to action are in boosting conversion rates. But instead of using the typical CTAs like “Download Now,” try to highlight the benefits by saying “Order with free shipping!” If you’re making a mobile ad for a strategy game, for example, you can have a CTA like “Level up your soldiers HERE to win!”

With these effective and more personalized CTAs, you can turn more potential customers into paying ones.

Explore Various Formats

From slow motion and 3D elements to split screens and time lapses, try different techniques to make your video ads stand out and increase engagement. Don’t stick to a single style you utilized in the past. Rather, continue to be more innovative. At Virtua Brands, we provide exceptional visual content while allowing you to connect with a wider audience and accelerate your brand growth…. And we continually test and upgrade for maximum results.

Final Thoughts

To gain higher returns from your mobile video ads in 2023, apply the best strategies, like using specific CTAs, offering a sound-off option, quickly capturing audience attention, and more.

Whether you need help with digital marketing strategies, branding, content creation, copywriting, ad ideation, social media marketing, or media buying, Virtua Brands is equipped to accelerate your business growth. Schedule a free consultation with us today, so we can provide the right digital media solutions for you.