How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

As a brand and business owner, redesigning your website is probably one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking tasks you need to undertake. However, with it comes the opportunity to reinvent your look, tone, and overall user experience. For instance, with a new website design, you can enhance your features, add new services, build stronger connections, modernize your look, assure mobile responsiveness, and reach more customers to achieve your business goals.

Now that you know what a website redesign can do for you, the next question should be: how often do you need to redesign your websites?

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

Well, there are numerous aspects you need to consider when answering this question. This depends on an individual business basis as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the surrounding content marketing trends and your business strategy, the number of times you need to redesign your website can vary.

However, as a rule of thumb, many digital marketing experts, Virtua Brands included, suggest that businesses need to update their websites at least once every two or three years. Websites can get old and outdated fast. New trends emerge and technologies can evolve, making it necessary for businesses to keep up and show their customers that they’re on top of things.

While this “general” 2–3-year criteria is a good jumping off point to make the right decisions, it’s not enough to rely on.

Possible Reasons Why You May Need To Redesign Your Website Regardless Of How Old It Is

There are many considerations to take note of to know whether it’s the right time to redesign your website or not. Some of the clear signs that signify the need for a website change are listed below.

Your Website Is Not Mobile-friendly.

The majority of the traffic that many businesses experience comes from mobile users. In fact, as of August 2022, statistics have shown that more than 92% of global users access the internet with a mobile device. That accounts for approximately 4.32 billion people in the world using the internet on their phones or tablets.

In America alone, there are already over 294.15 million smartphone users, which accounts for 85% of the national population. In order to accelerate your business, your website needs to cater to these mobile users. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tap into these potential customers and succeed in the long run. Websites that are not mobile responsive, or mobile optimized will look and operate terribly for mobile users, immediately turning them towards your competition.

You Have a Low Conversion Rate

Although your website is a good platform to build awareness among new and old customers, the goal is to ultimately drive revenue.  How do you do that? You need to make sure that users who visit your page don’t end up simply scrolling around; you want them to take action… and you want to be certain every link on your site is live and there are no 404 error pages or outdated contact information.

Whether it’s by purchasing a product, scheduling a consultation, or signing up for a newsletter, your customers need to leave your website with something new, accurate and valuable. If you find that most of the users who click on your website leave without taking any action, you may need to do a bit of revamping; or redesigning it so you can easily prompt users to move along the site to places you want them to see.

You Don’t Get Traffic… At All

What if your website is not performing well and you don’t get traffic at all? Something must be seriously off. Marketing spend aside, perhaps your content is not optimized. Perhaps your website isn’t registering in Google’s algorithm. Perhaps, the design is simply plain and outdated. Any or all of these components can impact your performance. If you see a downward slope in your traffic ratings, it may be time to redesign your website.

You Want To Expand Your Services

What if your website is doing well? Even if there’s virtually nothing wrong with your performance, you may still need to redesign it if your business is going in a new or different direction. For instance, if you’re expanding your services or updating vital information, you may need to redesign your website to reflect these changes.

Get a Website Redo With Virtua Brands

No matter what your website or marketing problems are, Virtua Brands can help you redesign your website to improve your online presence to drive more revenue.

Through innovative B2B, B2C and DTC marketing strategies and industry expertise, Virtual Brands can transform the way your company connects and engages with your target audience. In addition, our services take into consideration the 7S’s of site design to ensure results. These include SEO, Structure, Sales, Speed, Scalability, Simplicity, Sociability…

And of course, full optimization.

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