11 College Enrollment Statistics Every Admissions and Enrollment Officer Should Know

18.1 million: The peak number of students enrolled in US undergrad programs.

2010: The year of peak enrollment, over a decade ago.

1.67%: Average annual decline in enrollment since 2010

14.8 million: The number of students now enrolled full-time across the US

15.5%: The percentage of students that are foreign born.

9.3%: The drop in male enrollment since just 2019

8%: Total decline in undergrad enrollment since 2019

62%: The percentage of higher-ed leaders who say declining enrollment is of grave concern

8.7%: The percentage of colleges and universities that closed since 2017-2018

72%: Of those polled, a vast majority of university presidents plan to lay off staff

55%: Most university presidents plan across-the-board cuts

1 Solution Admissions and Enrollment Officers Must Employ

In early 2020, as the pandemic began to grab hold, Purdue University bucked the trend and focused on marketing. Its $3.8 million budget was a huge success.

As a result of proper marketing, the school broke records for freshmen enrollment in the fall of 2020, and now has a total student enrollment of 46,114.

First year enrollment increased by 3.5%, or 1,563 students.

This new student acquisition may result in over $140,000,000 in revenue over the next 4 years, representing a total ROI of nearly 3,600%.

The solution to declining enrollment is proper targeted marketing efforts
and enrollment drives.

Virtua Brands specializes in college and university enrollment marketing. If a 3,600% ROI can help change the fortunes of your institution, give us a call and we’ll discuss how we can increase your enrollment, boost your revenue, and help prevent layoffs and cutbacks. Best of all, it won’t take millions of dollars to accomplish this. In fact, you may be surprised how cost-effective it really is.

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